She was one of the richest women in Makkah. Yet, she not only sacrificed her wealth in support of the Prophet’s (S) mission, but she continued to give, give more, and give again even though she was driven out from her home to live in a harsh desert valley during the years of the Boycott. That is sacrifice. And a sincere sacrifice never goes unrewarded by Allah. She excelled in trade even before the freedoms Islam showered on women. She was the first to believe and the first to support Islam. She nurtured and raised an incredible family, including the likes of Fatimah (RA) who went on to join her as one of the four best women in human history. Societal structures today present their own challenges for women, but it is wholly possible for the 21st-century Muslim women to reap the best of both worlds. Just like Hazrat Khadijah RA, women can and should discover their talents and put them to use, even if the odds turn out to be against them. So, yes, women can have it all if they want to.

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