The Cure To Affairs

7 Hours Masterclass 
with Eram Saeed

7 Hours Masterclass

Price: $199.97

Are you cheating on your partner?

Or have you been cheated on?

Are you depressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

If you relate to any of the situations mentioned above, this webinar is for you. You have been doing it to yourself or the pain may have been inflicted by your spouse. However, with the right guidance and support, things will soon be looking up! Eram Saeed will be talking about some practical steps that will help you get back on track and heal from your relationship issues.

In this 7 Hours Masterclass, you will learn:

This webinar will cover the most common and complex aspects of affairs that you must overcome in order to approach the relationship with healing. The webinar will cover:

  • Why affairs occur
  • The damaging effects of affairs on intimacy
  • Why it hurts so much when your partner has had an affair
  • What to expect from a relationship when it goes through an affair
  • How to stop the addiction of affairs
  • How to rebuild your relationship and the trust after an affair
  • Secrets to building a long-term, healthy relationship
  • How to build trust after the betrayal of an affair
  • Qualities of a long term, happy relationship and how to build them

What's included:

Access to a 7 Hours Masterclass

Live Q&A with Eram Saeed

Access to the recordings of the webinar for 3 whole months

Certificate of attendance signed by Eram Saeed

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Eram Saeed

Eram Saeed is an entrepreneur and a holistic, master level transformation coach. She uses life lessons, meditation and positive affirmations to empower clients to live life with more clarity and alignment.
Through her courses, over thousands of people have witnessed their lives transform in unimaginable ways. It is the single, most beneficial investment you could ever make.
And now, after an abundance of requests from her followers, Eram Saeed is hosting a two day live session on the topic of extra-marital affairs. Affairs are not a new issue in today’s world. It is like an epidemic where you can catch it if you are not careful and we can see recently, especially in the Indo-Pak subcontinent, that they have drastically increased in number. The reasons are multiple, psychological and physical, the consequence however is the same.
A cheesy rule that was developed in an old book by a married couple is still currently being followed in several parts of the world states that if your spouse has cheated, you should forgive them and that should be the end of it. Eram understands that it is not that easy and wants to recommend a more effective way of solving this problem.
With this workshop, she hopes to help her followers understand the consequences of infidelity and the importance of keeping their relationship strong while avoiding emotional pitfalls.