The Secrets To Becoming


Find Your Inner Strength and Superpowers

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The Secrets To Become Unbreakable

This session is to get to the breakthrough that you need to become fearless and reach the potential Allah created you with. Taking you through exercises to discover what you need to build in your suit of armor and connecting with the Divine to get through life with ease. 

Who is this for?

  • If you are tired of feeling stuck, helpless, weak, or scared.
  • If you want to build the strength in life to handle any and every obstacle, mishap, or devastation that comes your way.
  • If you have felt mis-understood, or un-seen.
  • If you want to move forward in life, but fears, known and unknown, hold you back
  • If you don’t even know who you are or what you want in life
  • If you want to discover your purpose
  • If you want to live a life of true fulfillment
  • If you have been judged and have low self esteem
  • If you are unable to get over a tragedy from your past
  • If you are afraid of making mistakes, or judge yourself for making mistakes
  • If you are a parent and want to raise children with healthy self esteem
  • If you want to live life on your terms!


YOU ARE YOUR BIGGEST INVESTMENT! No one is going to SAVE youthat’s YOUR JOB!!!

Limited Time Bonus

Have you ever wondered what Allama Iqbal meant by saying:

Khudi ko kar buland itna keh har taqdeer say pehlay

Khuda banday say khud poochay “bata teri raza kia hay?”

Khudi kay ser-e-nehan

La Ilaha IllaAllah

(the hidden secrets of KHUDI = La Ilaha Illa Allah)

Learn with Eram this philosophy that even Shaer-e-mashreq hinted towards….when you recognize your own Higher Self, you become a master of your destiny!

Don’t miss this Life Changing, Exciting Seminar!

People from all around the world have been taking Eram's courses that have changed their lives.

Here are some real-life case stories of participants.

Some names are withheld to protect identity as requested



Was driven by fear and hopelessness all my life, but now able to see the light at the end of tunnel so lovingly led by Eram ...

I was the girl who went to bed at 7pm to end the day earlier, so that months, years and this life could just go faster. I would cry in bed until I fell asleep. I spent entire 2020 like that. I always felt I was the loneliest person on earth. Since childhood I never felt safe. Then I turned to Allah last year but still felt a vacuum...fear that wouldn't end, still unsafe, in pain and lonely. Mechanical worships with no emotions. Something I was ordained to do that didn't make sense. Driven by fear.
I had spent too long time this way...unsafe, heartbroken, in pain, in fear, crying in bed every single night.

It was as if I was in a pitch dark tunnel deep under, trying to find a way out. After running back and forth for too long and not finding my way I had given up and sat in a corner terrified, helpless and lost.
That's where you came Eram. You took my hand, made me feel safe to get up and walk with you. I didn't know where until you pointed towards a ray of light entering the dark tunnel I was lost in for years. A way out finally!! You told me that's the way and walked with me till the end. First time I felt what it is like to be in the light. You made me realize that all this time I WAS loved, cherished and protected by Allah. The divine who always was by me, yet I thought I was lonely. When He saw me so broken He sent you to help me. For the first time in my life I can say I truly believe. The sweetness of Iman. First time I have felt connection with the divine, a love I cannot explain in words. For the first time Since childhood I have felt safe while going to sleep at night. The girl who wept in bed feeling fear, pain and broken now often smiles. I feel God is smiling upon me and feel protected. No matter what struggle and hardship...I will be taken care of. Because He is rehman and rahim.

You also connected me with myself...I see beautiful things in me now. I am loving me and do not feel lonely in my own company anymore. I used to get suffocated without family around me. Felt lonely. Now I have moved to my own apartment and love being with ME! I see countless strengths in me. As you said “our rooh is from Allah’z zaat”.❤️

I cannot stop my heart from feeling love, admiration, care and respect for someone who brought me here. I know you would say Allah did. Yes he did but He chose you to do this for us. You and your loved ones will be forever in my prayers?? May your both worlds be filled with the highest blessings.

I live in Denmark...but one day...soon enough...I would like to catch a plane and see you if you allow me Eram. That would mean so much to me.

I never had a role model in life and tried hard to find one but I never could. I feel I found someone whose footsteps I would love to follow.

Always Love and prayers



I have gotten new lease of life and happiness due to this course

I joined the class because I was recently divorced with 2 kids. I was in depression. My mind was full of negativity. I wanted to change all that and wanted to forget my past, which was difficult ...

The changes I experienced was that with your given exercises it became easy to let go of past events in my life. I am more of a positive person than negative. I have gotten new lease of life and happiness due to this course. I have learned to be vocal and courageous as well. I started to experience changes in myself after few sessions..

I highly recommend this course to those people who have similar situations or problems.





Found my way back to Allah

Before this course my situation was quite bad as I was going into lot of anxiety and uncertainty. I experienced Fear, disgrace, tuhmatien, scared, fear of losing loved ones...

During this course I learned to open up and face people and starting trusting Allah more. Allah became more of my best friend rather than people. I see big changes in me. My calmness, inner peace, more attachment towards Allah, tawakkal on Allah, detachment with materialistic approaches and people

I am more content and thankful to Allah Allhamdulilah. I realized that Allah is the best of the planners and these trials are surely taking towards a better path.

I surely would recommend this course because it is important for all of us to realize that we all must chose path of Allah and stop venting out and blaming others for the accidents that happened to us in our lives. We all are supposed to spend this life as per the will of Allah, the sooner we surrender the better it is for us.

Love u for being a great mentor and teacher



I'm more patient and in a better position to handle setbacks

My mind was full of confusion and negativities. After my divorce and subsequent failed investment, I lost self confidence. Moreover, my mind was full of noises. I wouldn't be able to think straight and wise. One of my main pain points was my miscarriage. I felt that I was the main reasons behind the failures were my miscarriage. Eram Baji did the remarkable job to replace this guilt with calmness.

During the course, Eram Baji ensured that whatever she was teaching to us was in a very coherent way. She taught both simple techniques to overcome anxiety and start self acceptance. More essentially, she created a support group in that I was able to connect with like minded people and overcome my superstitious and fear about the future. Now my situations are better. I'm more patient and in a better position to handle setbacks.

If you are in a position in which you are feeling low or suffering anxiety, Eram Baji is the best counselor to be with. She will ensure that you enjoy every present moments and be more optimistic about future.

About Eram Saeed

Born into a culture where women are bound by strict limitations, Eram has experienced her fair share of struggle. At the age of 40, she was the survivor of two abusive marriages, lurking bankruptcy, and was emotionally dissipated to the point where she saw no other way out but by ending it all…

It was then, in her darkest hour, her dark night of the soul, that she decided that life could (and would!) be different and she would start crafting the life of her dreams.

Over the coming years, she worked closely with a number of world top spiritual teachers and coaches that gave her the support and tools she needed to transform her perception of life and world and unlock that door that stood between her and her dreams

That helped her balance her own sacred divinity and connect with her personal power

Eram now lives the conscious, purpose filled life of her dreams. But it isn’t enough to just live it herself, she has impacted the lives of millions of people globally and the number of followers that are taking her life-changing courses continue to grow.

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Disclaimer - Please note this seminar is not a replacement for any conventional treatments and therapy that may be required for any particular condition, and you are encouraged and advised to supplement this program with the support of trained and licensed clinical professionals as may be necessary.