Our need to possess and competition with others create unnecessary suffering in our lives. We get so caught up in these that we not only forget to enjoy the blessings we do have, we live in fear of loss or being seen is “less than”. This greed for MAAL and stature is a curse and a disease that rob the heart off peace. One of the best remedy to cure these diseases of the heart is to contemplate on death often in a meaningful way. That our life here is temporary. Whatever has happened, is also temporary and whatever we hope will happen will also ultimately, be temporary. This practice is most effective in letting go of attachment to things and need to possess. It’s also the biggest reality that makes The Who very uncomfortable. So it constantly struggles to make us forget it. When you force yourself to constantly meditate and contemplate on death, the ego ultimately loosens its grip and one begins to feel liberated and Unafraid.

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