“I am here to help heal, to release blocks, and to provide answers, tools, and teachings for women everywhere so they can achieve their dreams!”
– Eram Saeed


What do your actions say about your great vision ?

Eram’s Driving values


Eram Saeed has a mission to empower women globally. Through her work with various organizations Eram has funded education; and offered financial freedom for oppressed women and girls throughout the world.


Eram believes that having a personal purpose can be the catalyst to transforming life. In all of her projects, she encourages others to engage with their inner wisdom and connect to a personal purpose that will drive their choices and life.


Through consistent energy work, Eram has healed a history of restriction and abuse. She has come into her personal power and uses that power to help to teach others how to find their own healing and begin living out their best possible life.

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If you have the opportunity to learn from Eram, grab that chance!

I am blown away by Eram’s ability to create revenue out of nothing! Eram has cracked the code on how to generate significant 7 figure revenues even from a tiny list.

The other thing I love about Eram is that she doesn’t focus on fluff. She focuses on the things that will generate revenue for her now, grow her audience, and provide a valuable service.

If you have the opportunity to learn from Eram, grab that chance. There is no one better than I know!

- Chris Attwood Video, NY Times best selling author, and online marketer

Eram is a product of her telesummit!

Eram is a product of her telesummit. After going through the dark night of the soul, she was directed to a telesummit, which completely changed her life. She discovered that going through a challenge or a hardship could be a hidden opportunity for transformation.

She now understands that when you stop focusing on what you are losing and instead focus on the message from God on how you can move into the next phase of your life, everything changes. Eram believes that there are always gifts hidden behind that challenge. It’s our job to find out what that is … we just need to ask the questions.

In Eram’s telesummit, From Heartache to Joy, she brings these solutions and opportunities from life’s challenges to her listeners through free tools, processes and healings.

- Jack Canfield co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur.

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Eram is an inspiration and cares about the people she works with!

If you are looking to launch your online business using summits, I believe Eram Saeed is one of the best there is in the world in helping people just like you. I’ve watched Eram use her super powers where she takes experts that have hit a wall in their business and Eram helps them to completely transform their business by creating someone out of thin air!

One of the best things Eram does is helping her clients create their irresistible offer which enables their clients to say yes to working with them. I’ve watched Eram help business owners that were not confident and unsure get amazing results.

Eram is an inspiration and cares about the people she works with.

Dan Kuschell, Business Growth Specialist

Meet Eram Saeed​

Eram is also one of the leading coaches in online business and rules of consciousness entrepreneurship. As a highly successful CEO of one of the largest spiritual tele-summits in the world, she has been teaching these success principles to many women for over a decade.

Born into a culture where women were bound by strict limitations, Eram has experienced her fair share of struggle. At the age of forty, she was the survivor of two failed marriages, facing bankruptcy, and emotionally dissipated to the point where she considered ending it all.

It was then, in her darkest hour, that she decided that life could be different and that she would craft the life of her dreams.

Over the coming years, she worked closely with a number of world top spiritual teachers and coaches that gave her the support and tools that she needed to transform her perception of life and world and unlock that door that stood between her and her dreams.

That helped her to balance her own sacred divinity and connect with her personal power.

Eram Saeed now lives the conscious, purpose filled life of her dreams. But it isn’t enough to just live it herself, she has made it her life’s mission to share the teachings and support with other women around the world.

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Eram's Projects

From Heartache to Joy

Founded in 2012, From Heartache to Joy is an industry leader in global telesummits. Eram originally launched From Heartache to Joy as a vehicle to not only help herself, but to help others transform their own lives. Through listening to Eram's interviews with big name teachers and healers, thousands of people have eliminated the heartache in their lives and replaced it with overflowing joy.


Eram is also one of the leading coaches in online business and rules of consciousness entrepreneurship. As a highly successful CEO of one of the largest spiritual tele-summits in the world, she has been teaching these success principles to many women for over a decade.

Freedom from Fear

In working through personal challenges, Eram found that the only way to achieve true freedom is by releasing our fears. Freedom From Fear involves multitude of initiatives designed to relieve fears from the minds of Eastern Women. These include: Help educate and eradicate crimes against women in Muslim countries including Child Marriages and honor Killings. Education is a key component in empowering the suppressed Eastern women. Our initiative has a mission to educate 100,000 women over the next 5 years. A talk show to be aired in Summer of 2017 to a global audience focusing on similar topics as covered in FHTJ telesummit. This will provide not only a great opportunity for a global audience to take advantage of the latest healing modalities but also give a rare opportunity to Western speakers and healers gain exposure to a huge Eastern/Middle Eastern community.

Wake-Up TV

Eram hosted the Backstage Pass Show for Wake-Up TV. Wake-Up TV was created in order to speak to the modern person about creating their best life. Eram gave viewers an inside view at the show's speakers through in-depth on screen interviews.

Sallamah Academy of Educational Excellence -SAFE

The Sallamah Academy of Educational Excellence-SAFE is a school in Pakistan founded for poor children. It was founded almost 20 years ago by Eram's Mother, who passed away in 2014 and it is now run by Eram and her family. In Pakistan, and many other Middle Eastern countries, school is a privilege reserved solely for children of wealthy families. SAFE is changing that by taking poor children off of the streets and providing them with an education equal to that of the wealthy. Eram Saeed and From Heartache to Joy are proud to be one of the largest contributors to SAFE. By providing education, uniforms, and supplies to these students we ensure the children are receiving an education of the highest standards.

Life Transformation Summit

Eram is also one of the leading coaches in online business and rules of consciousness entrepreneurship. As a highly successful CEO of one of the largest spiritual tele-summits in the world, she has been teaching these success principles to many women for over a decade.

Testimonials From Eram's Coaching Students

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"I Tripled My Investment In The Very First Call…"


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"Some Programmes May ‘Teach’ You How To Be A Telesummit Star – This Programme Will Make You One"


"The Best Investment I Made To Myself And My Healing Business"


"The Structure Of The TSSC Program And The Comradeship With Other Members Of The Group Has Been A Huge Help In Getting Out There And Shining My Light In This Arena, And The Ongoing Support Is Taking Me Onwards And Upwards"


"Your From Heartache To Joy Has Introduced Me To A Global Audience. I Now Have Clientele World Wide And There Is No Limit To The Impact I Am Able To Provide"


"There Is No Other Opportunity Like The One Eram Has Created For Newcomers To The Telesummit World"


"After Joining TSSC My Business Is Off The Ground, I Came Out Of The Closet As A Healer, I’m Making Money, I Believe More In Myself"


"Eram Has The Golden Touch To Recognize The Needs Of Her Listeners And To Develop What They Need To Heal, Shift And Coax Their Own Abilities Into The Light"


"If you’ve ever had a desire to be on a Telesummit, but weren’t quite sure how to go about it and had no one to ask, TSSC is for you"








"If You Are A Struggling Light Worker And Ready To Take It To The Next Level, TSSC Is The Boost You Need!"


Eram's Videos

“The world will be saved by the western woman.”

- His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

"She will accomplish this by helping her sister in the East and together they will shift towards true empowerment thereby collaboratively changing the world. Eastern women are the most suppressed group of human beings on the planet. Until we empower them and recognize the power they hold, the world will not shift towards peace and harmony."

- Eram Saeed

Eram's Global Vision

Eram’s Global Vision is to empower women from Eastern countries in order to impact the entire World.

As a survivor of abuse after spending her formative years in a strict patriarchy; Eram Saeed has made it her life’s mission to empower women around the world. By establishing a community and connecting women of the Eastern and Western world in friendship and mutual support,she is working toward this goal of Empowerment for global women.

Eram has dedicated her life to empowering individuals, especially women, to live life on their own terms. Strong, Empowered Women have the ability to change the world.

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