30 Days to Your Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Transformation

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30 Days to Transformation with Eram Saeed

30 Days to


Embark on this journey of a lifetime to find your true self and connect with the divine. This 30 days for Transformation course is designed to teach you the art of inner healing. If our traumas and fractured conditions are not acknowledged and actively healed, they will manifest and show up in our relationships and in our circumstances, for as Allah Almighty states in the Holy Qur'an, "Your outer conditions will not change until you first change your inner conditions," [13:11]

What is the 30 Days to Transformation Course

With this course you learn to cultivate the self-awareness and personal responsibility necessary to heal your hearts and stop the cycle of suffering and begin to experience peace, health, happiness and harmony in your life.

This is a 30 days course with the goal

To transform your life where you can feel happy and contented with life. 

Who is this for?

If you are someone suffering from anxiety, grief, negativity, depression, sadness, fear, grief etc. this course will help you immensely. 

The case studies included people suffering from all these issues due to marital problems or other life situations. They all experienced great results. (Please see case studies below)

Is this in a group?

The course is in a group setting and is conducted online via zoom. You can maintain maximum privacy. Each person will fill out a detailed history form so Eram knows where you need help. 

There are two live classes a week. Generally on Mondays and Fridays evening time. This is flexible due to participants. Recording for each class is provided for 48 hours. 

Eram will give regular home work and also check your work to make sure you are held accountable. 

She will share thought provoking ideas and tools to not only coach but also to get practical results quickly. Most people begin to see results within the first week. 

WhatsApp support will be provided (limited and with boundaries)

This is an opportunity to get maximum time with Eram because you get 8 sessions in a month. 

Separate group for men and women 

Eram has supported both men and women. There’s a separate men only group and a women only group.

Here are some case studies from participants of previous 30 Days to Transformation Course

Some names are withheld to protect identity as requested



This course has made me courageous, confident and taught me gratitude to Allah ...



I am now emotionally and mentally strong ...



I have never ever seen such massive transformation in my life ...



I have gotten new lease of life and happiness due to this course

I joined the class because I was recently divorced with 2 kids. I was in depression. My mind was full of negativity. I wanted to change all that and wanted to forget my past, which was difficult ...

The changes I experienced was that with your given exercises it became easy to let go of past events in my life. I am more of a positive person than negative. I have gotten new lease of life and happiness due to this course. I have learned to be vocal and courageous as well. I started to experience changes in myself after few sessions..

I highly recommend this course to those people who have similar situations or problems.





Found my way back to Allah

Before this course my situation was quite bad as I was going into lot of anxiety and uncertainty. I experienced Fear, disgrace, tuhmatien, scared, fear of losing loved ones...

During this course I learned to open up and face people and starting trusting Allah more. Allah became more of my best friend rather than people. I see big changes in me. My calmness, inner peace, more attachment towards Allah, tawakkal on Allah, detachment with materialistic approaches and people

I am more content and thankful to Allah Allhamdulilah. I realized that Allah is the best of the planners and these trials are surely taking towards a better path.

I surely would recommend this course because it is important for all of us to realize that we all must chose path of Allah and stop venting out and blaming others for the accidents that happened to us in our lives. We all are supposed to spend this life as per the will of Allah, the sooner we surrender the better it is for us.

Love u for being a great mentor and teacher



I'm more patient and in a better position to handle setbacks

My mind was full of confusion and negativities. After my divorce and subsequent failed investment, I lost self confidence. Moreover, my mind was full of noises. I wouldn't be able to think straight and wise. One of my main pain points was my miscarriage. I felt that I was the main reasons behind the failures were my miscarriage. Eram Baji did the remarkable job to replace this guilt with calmness.

During the course, Eram Baji ensured that whatever she was teaching to us was in a very coherent way. She taught both simple techniques to overcome anxiety and start self acceptance. More essentially, she created a support group in that I was able to connect with like minded people and overcome my superstitious and fear about the future. Now my situations are better. I'm more patient and in a better position to handle setbacks.

If you are in a position in which you are feeling low or suffering anxiety, Eram Baji is the best counselor to be with. She will ensure that you enjoy every present moments and be more optimistic about future.

About Eram Saeed

Born into a culture where women are bound by strict limitations, Eram has experienced her fair share of struggle. At the age of 40, she was the survivor of two failed marriages, physical abuse, lurking bankruptcy, and was emotionally dissipated to the point where she saw no other way out but by ending it all…

It was then, in her darkest hour, her dark night of the soul, that she decided that life could (and would!) be different and she would start crafting the life of her dreams.

Over the coming years, she worked closely with a number of world top spiritual teachers and coaches that gave her the support and tools she needed to transform her perception of life and world and unlock that door that stood between her and her dreams

That helped her balance her own sacred divinity and connect with her personal power

Eram now lives the conscious, purpose filled life of her dreams. But it isn’t enough to just live it herself, she has made it her life’s mission to share the teachings with other women around the world.

If you are undecided and have further questions, please write to sana@eramsaeed.com 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I have been accepted?

After we receive your application, Eram will personally review it and determine if she can help you. If she approves it, she will give you recommendations for the course that will help you the most.

What if I can't attend the program?

You can always submit your question. Eram will be doing weekly Viewers q and q show and your question may be answered there.

What are the timings of the 30 Days Course?

There are 2 classes a week. Typically on Mondays and Fridays. The timing is generally in the evening hours (Pakistan Time) but they are adjusted based on the group needs. A recording is provided for each session in case you miss the live class or simply want to review again.

What can I expect during the 30 days?

You can expect to start shifting your mind and your thoughts within the first week! You will be given homework and Eram is quite strict about that. The level of transformation will be affected by the amount of time you put in. If you don't show up for class ( live or recording) and you are not participating in homework, Eram will remove you from the class.

Can I talk to Eram before applying?

Unfortunately no. You will only be connected to Eram once you are in the program. Whether it's the 30 days course or 1-1 Consultation.

Is there a discount? 

Eram firmly believes that a person must develop a mindset that they are themselves an asset and therefore be willing to invest in themselves. Having said that, we routinely give people free services that absolutely can't afford it. Please be aware that there is a long waiting list and there's no guarantee if and when it will be your turn. However Eram may offer discounts periodically. You can check the site for more details.

Can I download the recordings? 

Downloading or copying of any of the content is strictly prohibited and no download is provided. We want to ensure the privacy of each participant and any violation will not be tolerated. Recordings are available for 48 hours only for each class.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with the course? 

If you request a refund within the first week, we will refund you and remove you from the course. If Eram feels you are not participating, she will give you a warning and after that if you still continue that way, she will remove you from the course. No refund after the second week.

For any further questions contact Sana at sana@eramsaeed.com

Disclaimer - Please note that 30 days to Transformation Course is not a replacement for any conventional treatments and therapy that may be required for any particular condition, and you are encouraged and advised to supplement this program with the support of trained and licensed clinical professionals as may be necessary.